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 How does the process work?

Disclaimer: We do not solicit or conduct negotiations and/or request payments via WhatsApp.

Image by Alireza Zarafshani

Step 1 - Contact Us 

Please enter your contact information on our website and/or email and call us with a brief description of what kind of product you are looking for, your budget and timeline for completion.

Step 3 - Design Phase

During this phase, our design team will work extensively with you to ensure that the product(s) are of the highest quality and match your design request. We will be providing works in progress updates, while leaving open opportunities to modify design. 

Step 5 - Production

After negotiating pricing and delivery terms, we will enter the production phase where we will aim to complete and satisfy your order as per the dicussed timeline. Please note that timelines are subject to change and we reserve the right to do with prior notice. 

Step 2 - Initial Screening

We will set up a time for a meeting, either virtual or in person, where we can explore your specific needs and offer designs and customizations to fit them. We aim to set the meeting within 2 business days. 

Step 4 - Initial 'Protoype' 

Once the custom product has been completed, we will ship a sample to you for your review. At this stage, you may provide us any final amendments or minor design changes before our artisans begin producing the products in force. 

Step 6 - Delivery

Once the products have been manufactured, they will be thoroughly monitored for quality. We will dispatch the products to your specified address via trusted logistics partners to best ensure no damage to the product via transit.

What Our Clients Say

Henna Tattoo and Jewelry
Image by Ravin Rau
"Amazing jewellery, I had custom-pieces manufactured by GG and the products did not fail to impress our loyal customers at the slightest. Great professionalism and great service through the entire process!" - Jincy Davis, Kerela, India 
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